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Theatre student director’s progress of producing a play

Moving on….

The play, in short, was wonderful.

I couldn’t be more happy with how it came out.

Today, I believe that the set will be struck and we will move on to new things.

So for me, this journey is done. And what a wonderful experience it was…and I thank everyone who has helped to make this happen, and also to those who came and supported me and the cast who have worked so hard in getting the play to where it was.

I thank everyone who has given me and the cast such kind reviews and words—they are greatly appreciated and I’m happy that many of you found the play enjoyable.

But time to move on. And as such, I will now be posting to my personal blog which stemmed from this process.

The Daily Process is a daily look at all the little things that make life what it is. It’s a process, and we can all learn from it.

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The curtain closes…

The Gender Agenda showed Friday and Saturday night and both nights went exceptionally well.

I cannot express how proud I am of my cast for putting in so much work into this project or to my crew for putting up with my stresses and working so hard for getting all of the little things together so that we could have a great show.

I was not aware at how many ads The Gender Agenda actually had around New Hampshire–like a 1/4 page ad in The Valley News. I have no idea how that got there…but apparently some woman wanted to come all the way from Manchester to see it! (AW!) The snow prevented her from doing so…but I talked to this lady and she is going to mail me the clip from the newspaper (Aw, so nice!).

So that’s it. It’s over. All that is left to do now is to do my smaller project on campus and focus on the drama group that I have started on campus.

I’m very sleepy right now, I might update later when I am feeling more ambitious, but I wanted to express my thanks to everyone who has joined me on this journey. Thank you to my WONDERFUL cast and everyone who supported me.

Thank you, and bless you all!

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Wow. It’s here.

The Gender Agenda will premiere as a student-produced show for the first time tonight at 8:00p. Wow. Crazy!

After Tuesday’s run through, I’ve seen a tremendous change in my cast–their confidence has sky-rocketed. They feel so ready. And I know they are ready.

They know this show inside out, upside down and backwards—I know that they are all a little concerned with the intimate audience, but I know that they will be amazing.
For the past two nights I was bored with drilling lines, so instead we played some improv games–which they all got really involved with–and then for a test, which turned out to help a lot, was I would read a random line in the script and then they had to say their next line.

TIP: Drilling lines is boring. And no one likes to do it. Find ways to make the lines more interesting. Talk over what each line means, and try to help the actor associate each line with something that they will be able to remember easily. For find a game with a good reward system so that they will WANT to learn their lines.

I have full faith and confidence in them and that they will shine tonight and tomorrow night.

There are still some seats available at the box office–reserve your tickets!!

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Preview/Tech Rehearsal

I think that people learn the best when they learn from their mistakes.
A brilliant example is tonight’s Preview/Tech rehearsal. A few people came to see the show–and the cast when in full speed ahead.

I was so proud of them–they had a few hiccups…and there were parts where I didn’t know where they were (haha)…but all in all I think it went really well.

They know now what they need to work on and correct for Friday and Saturday night.

TIP: Running a show with even just a few friends can do wonders to see where your show falls short. That way you can ALL look back and see where you need to work on. It’s one thing for the director to see what to fix, it’s another for the actors to see (and experience) for themselves.

Also, I feel as though lately I have been loosing my focus—a director also needs to never loose focus—but I feel that I have and to my cast, this isn’t fair. I feel as if I have been so worried about the lines that it has taken away from what is truly important: the message of the play, the characters’ wants, what each line means. So until opening night, I will hard not to take away from what is really trying to be said rather than just spitting out words.

My cast is brilliant! And they are going to give the best show ever! I’m so happy with them! They have worked so hard and it is certainly paying off!

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“The Currents”

This is a link to the article published by Colby-Sawyer’s “The Currents”, an online magazine about upcoming events on campus.

Another article:

Read it! And come to the show!!

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One Week to go. Tech Week looming.

Recently, I was contacted by the college’s communications office and together we put together a small publication effort to advertise a bit more for the show. From ‘The Currents‘ there will be a story featuring ‘The Gender Agenda’ with a link to this blog, as well as a piece in The New London Shoppper.

So for everyone just joining us….feel free to read the last few posts….and please leave comments!


Back on current thoughts…. 

In exactly one week ‘The Gender Agenda’ will premier at Colby-Sawyer College as the first student produced production of this show!

Tonight was our last rehearsal before tech/hell week and I have high hopes for my cast. They are all working very hard and I know how much they want this play to work.

I was feeling a little frustrated last week…but I feel a lot better now; Jerry is the best person in the world to talk to if things are seemingly out of control or otherwise just plain not working….specifically when it comes to theatre.

 So 7 days….7 days left. And it all comes down to two nights under the lights—all 17 of them. Haha.

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Two weeks to show…….

…..and right now, I’m starting to feel frustrated.

I hate telling my casts what to do, in anything I’ve directed, but I’m having a hard time letting go of what we had before our other Jan dropped out and what we have now. It’s like we have an entirely different cast and it’s like we need to start from square one all over again.

I guess, I’m hoping that after we get costumes tonight and after the set is done, it will all come together.

I just wish there was something more I could do.

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“It’s all a part of the process”

No truer words could be spoken…

When life throws lemons at you…duck so you don’t get hit in the head…then pick them up, and make lemonade.

It’s about solving problems and making things work.

Things come apart, “stuff” happens…

Either way, long story short, we’re three (or four?) weeks to opening night and our actor to play Jan dropped out….again. So we had a god-send step up and join the cast last night and we will go forward and work our way through as best as we can.

So the cast change:

Jan: Margaret
Ruth: Kallyn

Big change, but I’m still happy that at this time yesterday I was ready to start over. But after I had my slight meltdown, I called a meeting, and everything fell into place. So it worked out.

TIP: It’s okay to have the meltdown, the panic attack, the anxiety, the spiral downfall. But you need to pick yourself up, and move forward. Life will happen. But, as Jerry said, “it’s all part of the process”. He could not be more right.

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Here is Chris’ poster that he made for the show. It’s awesome! I’m so excited!

Gender Agenda Poster

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In short: Last rehearsal was quite possibly the best rehearsal I’ve experienced in a long time.

Short story long:
All we really did was just run lines. But I’ve always believed that humor can get a person through any situation.
This play is, at it’s core, a comedy–I want to bring out all of G.L.’s little moments that just bring out the best in each of the characters. Sheila is, without a doubt, the play’s comic relief. And our “Good Golly Miss Molly” is just a riot–I like the fact that she’s trying her absolute best with her and having fun with Sheila’s character.

Last rehearsal proves once again that I have the best cast in the world. (I’m not bragging, I’m speaking the truth).

It was hysterical–I’ve never laughed so hard in any rehearsal I’ve ever directed or acted in–and I’m not even sure why at this point, anymore. It was as if everything we did just made someone laugh. (I’m easily amused, so this isn’t anything new). But it made running through lines, bit by agonizing bit (let’s face it, no one LOVES running lines) and made it an experience that no one really wanted to get away from.

TIP: Humor cures everything–boring things, difficult scenes, tension with your cast–bring in a DVD of a comedian with a related skit, or give your cast lots of sugar and just let them run wild for a while–they’ll feel better and you’ll get a lot of laughs out of it too.

On another note: The most wonderful man in the world gave me a poster that he made to look at for the show–it’s awesome. I’m excited. He’s the best :-)

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